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Our Love Affair with Coconut Oil

Never mind that I used to live in Hawaii, but coconut oil is a staple 'round these parts. A simple, food-grade must have! The coconut oil we use in our soaps could be used just as easily as a spread on toast, or a creamer for coffee. Besides being delectably edible, coconut oil is also used for all kinds of skin care. It is a great smelling massage oil, and even has an SPF 4 when used as sunscreen or lotion. You can make a DIY deodorant with it too! Coconut oil is also a natural disinfectant- about 50% of the fatty acids in coconut oil are Lauric Acids, which can kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi when digested. Sounds like a good excuse to grab a bite to me...

Oh, and did I mention that coconut oil is one of the main ingredients in our all natural soap? This ingredient makes it easy to support our "No Weird Stuff" approach to soaping by creating nice stable bubbles and helping bring hardness to our bars in a simple and natural way...We're looking out for your skin, and we've got your back! 

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