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5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Powder Room

We all want a cute little powder room that we can show off to our friends and family.  A clean and put together bathroom just makes folks feel at home. But that sort of clean, comfy environment can be tough to create when life is whirling all around us.  Here are a few secrets to spruce up the bathroom, and keep things looking really well put together.

Tip 1:  Offer up a room spray that is accessible to folks.  It is nice to have the option to freshen the room! Try this Basil Spray from Martha Stewart!  Yummo.

Tip # 2:  Keep a stash of decorative towels under the sink, and change them out every day or two.  A fresh and fluffy towel is inviting and comforting. Spritz the towel daily with that room spray for an extra fresh aesthetic. These simple but cute towels from Pier 1 could be perfect!

Tip #3:  Find an interesting soap dish and buy a cute soap.  Something with a little character that will make folks almost excited to wash their hands. Bon Air Naturals has lots to chose from and each soap is unique with its own fun swirls and pops of color! Lemongrass is one of my favorites!

Tip #4:  Find a handwoven waste basket.  Cheap plastic containers don’t do much for anesthetics, and often stain easily. Neutral wooden tones will warm up the room. Amazon, as always has lots to chose from!

Tip#5: Remember that less is more…Hang one small piece of art, or one beautiful plant in the room.  Refrain from overly decorating your sink, and don’t store items on top of the back of the toilet. Towels, soap, extra toilet paper and access to a plunger or toilet brush are all you could possibly need. And even those tools used  for the icky, but necessary moments can be cute too. 

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