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Bon Air Crossroads


Bon Air Naturals…

The very words bring me so much joy.  Within the framework of this business, I have been able to create some really beautiful products and foster tons of creativity and love for the community around me.  But the past few months I have been struggling.  This business feels like a living breathing thing that needs me, and lives or dies because of me.  It reminds me a lot of the wonderful little humans I have dictating my life these days. The amount of effort and constant attention that this work adds to my life has been really tricky for my family to manage and so, I am at a crossroads.

And there are two paths. 

One, I hang my hat, thank all of those around me, and turn to my next adventure.

Two, I stick around and muddle through the haze of running a part-time business venture/ start-up. 

Welp, I am sticking around.

I vehemently choose to be here. Why?  Because I’m in love!  My work has grown so much in the last couple of years, and I have a lot (like tons and tons) left to give. But here’s the thing…I’m going to have to raise my prices. I’m going to have to commit myself to making more than $3.50 cents an hour. It sounds crazy, but once you back out all of the expenses that really IS what I have been doing for the last couple years. Working 20-30 hours a week, for $3.50 an hour.  I’m going to have to sit back and really value the fact that I want to run an ethical enterprise that uses really fabulous ingredients, makes gorgeous luscious soaps and never pays minimum wage. In return, I will make a commitment to up my game a bit.

Coming in January 2016...

We are revamping our website to now make browsing and buying a lot easier and efficient with better pictures, descriptions, and choices. We are shrink wrapping bath bombs so that you don’t have to use them right away, and they are easy to just grab and go.  We are upholding a commitment to really nice ingredients and only pure essential oils. If there is interest, I will teach some soap making classes in the area, and plan to investigate putting together a Soap of the Month subscription service.  And so, when you see me out and about, and when you notice that my soaps and bath bombs now cost a little more, I hope you see what I see.  A commitment of continued service to my customers, my family, and providing those little every day luxuries we all so deserve.

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