All Operations for Bon Air Soap Company are Closed. Thank You for Many Wonderful Years!

Feast or Famine and the Power of Stillness

When I started this blog a few years ago I wanted to write and educate people about soap, but also talk about life as a small-time entrepreneur.  This is a time of year that has me reflecting quite a bit on what I do. Farmer's markets are slow, money is tight as folks recover from all of the Christmas splurging, and in general this is a time to prep and keep an eye on the future.  The Spring and Summer sales seem to hum along nicely and then fade into Fall, which is amazing leading up to the Holidays. Basically this is like driving - If i watch the exact spot in the road that I am on, I will probably crash. Looking ahead is crucial, and spring is indeed they say.

I know this...I knew this coming in...when your business is based primarily on outdoor markets, the winter is slow. And a bit painful, as sales can slow to a trickle. That is the truth!  But the funny thing is that once you rid yourself of a lot of the daily grind, your brain is allowed to go places that it never had time to go before.  So here I am in my slow time feeling all at once broke, and alive with ideas and opportunity. In this quiet time I have had a chance to work on some other lines of business that will let me really go full-time into this life as an artisan.  And at nearly $1000 a month in daycare charges, I am all in.

As i embrace new opportunities and lifestyles, I have to morn the old a little bit.  These are my boys! John Morgan,  and William Ambrose...or as I like to call them, Willie and Mo.


Mo just started kindergarten in the Fall and is my witty little wild man. I am already fearing his teenage years, but we have a little while to go, so I'll just have to cope with those days later.  Willie is a gentle soul with his own wild streak and a love of books!  To take on more responsibility in my business, I am walking away from my gig as a stay at home mom. During the thick of things, when William was nursing and Morgan bouncing off the walls, this seemed like the hardest, but most important job in the world. Now as the guys come into their own and get a little older, I am realizing it's ok (and probably healthy) to dive in and develop my own passions. Starting in March, I will for the first time since the inception of this business be in the saddle full-time.  Bring it on, world, bring it on!  

For now, I will just enjoy the quiet, try and prep for the rising tides, and relish in my last few weeks at home with my crew.

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