All Operations for Bon Air Soap Company are Closed. Thank You for Many Wonderful Years!

A Strange Time...

To My Customers,

As we begin to feel the true nature of these times, it is my pleasure to step up and help our community. Whether it’s providing a little something special to turn your shower into a spa, or literally providing a basic necessity for your family, I am here. 

If you have ordered from our Clean Essentials line, please know that the recipes used have been heavily researched and vetted. The packing however was put together quickly and with what I already had on hand. Fully developing a line takes a lot of time, and that my friend, is something I am realizing we do not have the luxury of. My soaps have been in gift shops in Paris and New York. They have been shipped to all corners of the country, and have even glanced the pages of Better Homes and Gardens. For now though, I will focus on providing our community with options that keep our families safe.

My general plan for this company is to move things in a direction that will really be appealing to those looking to treat themselves, or gift something really fun and unique. I am hopeful and am continuing to work on our new gift oriented line. Some of the new treats are even online already! And the others will come soon. But in this time of uncertainty I will do what I can to provide simple options we can all use. Sourcing ingredients is becoming laborious and expensive, but I am committed to social distancing and doing what I can to help.

Be well, stay safe, and I am so very grateful for your support at this time.


Leslie Arthur

Owner, Bon Air Naturals

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