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Giving Back

"To move forward, you have to give back." Oprah
With the hurricanes in Texas and Florida, giving back has been weighing heavily on our minds and hearts.  Every ten seconds there is a celebrity sharing their charity of choice.  It's super easy to text "Donate" on your cell phone.  But where is your $10 going?  By the time it makes it out the door is it still $10 or has it been reduced to $1 due to administration fees, marketing and fundraising expenses, liabilities etc.
We wanted to take a shallow dive in and tell you about: 
  • What we do with our product overages
  • Top 3 ways to investigate where your money is going
  • Easy ways to give back...WITHOUT writing a check
  • Some of our favorite brands that give back
  • Tell you why it's actually good for your health
What we are doing at Bon Air Naturals?
Bon Air Naturals has been donating our soap overages or imperfectly perfect products to The Unforgotten Fund.   UNFF undertakes various projects to provide aid for women and children living in impoverished and unsanitary conditions by providing food, education and micro-loans. They also execute capital projects to support the overarching mission, which is to work towards the UN Millennium Development Goals. These include implementing rainwater harvesting systems, drilling boreholes to provide safe drinking water and building school houses for providing primary education.
Where is your money going?
I don't know about you but I like to know my money is getting put to good use.  Transparency is key.
1) Charity Navigator  A nonprofit that breaks down all the ins and outs of being a non profit, their accountability and their transparency.  Not all Non profits are listed but you may nominate anyone at anytime.
2)Charity Watch  They also educate the public on the importance of wise giving.  Providing information donors need to make informed decisions. 
3) Better Business Bureau  There is always the Better Business Bureau.  
There are numerous ways to give back without spending any money!  Time and talent can be greatly underestimated!  
  • Did you know they have Neonatal Intensive Care Units across the country where you can go and rock and hold babies?!  Yes!  Even right here in Richmond at Henrico Drs Hospital.  They have NICU Cuddlers! 
  • There is a free app for your phone (for Applpe & Android)called Charity Miles.   It allows you to earn corporate sponsorship and pays you for every mile you walk, run or bike! 
  • What about giving blood?  
  • Pull the pop tops from your soda cans and collect for your local Ronald McDonald house.
  • Play with the kittens at the humane society.
  • Write a note for a soldier overseas.
  • This time of year there are multiple 5 & 10ks.  Speaking of running Girls on the Run is a phenomenal program to empower girls to get healthy & confident.
  • What about singing or doing puzzles with seniors?  Take them for walks and talk to them.
  • Can you knit?  Crochet?  Hospital delivery rooms would love your skills for hats for new babies.
  • Clear your pantry, closets and kids rooms!!
Check out Volunteer Match. A great website that matches you with your talents and abilities to various organizations in your area!
Some of my favorite brands that give back:
Kingstons Kreatures:  This little company was started by my friends son.  Her mother sews creatures from donated fabric, (new) stuffing and notions.  Kingston and his sister Marlow handpick each piece for each Kreature.  They are $20 and all proceeds are used to buy toys for the children in the hospital at Christmas  
Bixbee:   A childrens backpacks and accessories with a buy one give one approach.  For each school bag purchased Bixbee will donate a school supply filled yellow backpack to a child in need around the world.  Read why yellow is important on their site!
Bombas: I fell in love with Bombas (& their socks!) last year while trying to fill Christmas stockings with local, handmade or meaningful items.  Socks are the most needed and least donated article of clothing.  Like Bixbee and Toms, Bombas has a buy one give one approach.  From kids socks to dress socks they have you covered.  Since 2013 they have donated over 4 MILLION pairs of socks to homeless shelters.
Doing good is good for you?
When UnitedHealth did a study of more than 3,300 US adults it revealed that 76% of US adults who volunteer say volunteering makes them feel physically healthier, and 78% report that volunteering lowers levels of stress, which results in feeling better than adults who do not volunteer.  
We at Bon Air Naturals are committed to giving back within our family, communities and around the world.
"We make a living by what we get.  We make a life by what we give." Winston Churchill

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