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My Favorite Local Businesses - Online

A shout out to some of the best local companies I know!  With the summer chaos and fun taking over, here are a few recommendations for local small companies that will deliver right to your door, and put a huge grin on your face.

Dal-Kohm - A small batch bakery born from the desire to share the simple joys pastries can bring.  Using high quality and locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, we aim to provide our customers with confections ranging from cookies and cakes to tarts and more.

Ginger JuiceThe essence of Ginger Juice is to provide the Richmond Community with the fuel our bodies need to run our best race, each and every day.  We use natural fruits and vegetables (no sugar or processing) to make the only raw bottled juice product in RVA.  Order online or pick it up at the local Farmer’s Market (South of the James or St. Stephens).

Virginia Outfitter -  Virginia Outfitter is a retail and custom print shop established in 2012. All of our apparel is meticulously printed by hand by us in Richmond, VA.

Daily Jars - Healthy, non-allergenic meals, freshly prepared in our kitchen here in Richmond for pickup or delivery. Our food contains organic and locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.

Reginald's Homemade - Reginald’s Homemade peanut butter uses only the finest natural ingredients—and very few of them. Starting with a lovable legume that carries a proud history: The Virginia peanut. (We think it’s the greatest known to mankind.) 

Balm of the Earth - Natural skincare for the everyday pioneer. What began as a hobby soon turned into a beautiful family business, impacting the community through farmers markets, local shops and craft shows with safe and effective skin care products.

Thinking of You Creations - Thinking of You Creations is a Richmond-based bakery specializing in tasty baked goods and edible gifts. We put “You” first with our “made to order” options for any occasion. Or if you just have a sweet tooth, we have a cure for that too.

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