All Operations for Bon Air Soap Company are Closed. Thank You for Many Wonderful Years!

Slowing Down for a Second...

Hi Gang!  Happy Holidays to everyone.  This has been a really exciting year for my business. Our revenue nearly doubled, and I even had the opportunity to bring on some folks to help me in the studio! I don't know if I am excited or feeling bad, but - we have run out of a lot of your favorites!  Hang tight and as soon as Christmas has been enjoyed and cleaned up we will work hard to replenish everything.  For now, there are still a few great items available for sale online, but expect a lot more come the end of January.  Thanks for all of the support and feedback over the year.  This venture keeps getting better and better, so i am excited to move into the new year!  Peace, love and happiness to you all.  Merry Christmas!


-Leslie Arthur

Bon Air Naturals

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