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Lip Balm

Hi Friends! Here is a quick video tutorial for those that purchased our lip balm kit. This project is so easy and fun!

Recipe Ingredients:

.9 oz Olive Oil

.25 oz Beeswax

15-25 drops Spearmint Essential Oil (0.6 - 1 gram)


Should you choose to buy more supplies and give it a go on your own, try these suppliers:

And of course there is always Amazon.

Closing for the Season

Happy Holidays and hang in there! Thank you for all of your support this season.

I've never done this before, but because its been such a trying and arduous year, I need to hit the pause button. Gotta circle the wagons a bit and regroup, and hope we can all get ourselves a vaccine soon. My hope is that we can leap into the Spring feeling a little more normal, and begin serving folks out at area markets again soon. In the meantime, I am going to regroup and focus on my family and taking many many deep breaths. See...

We're All Internet Shoppers These Days...

I don't know about you, but right now, I hate shopping. Masks and gloves, and worries about other people getting too close. It's a mess out there these days. I have found my habits shifting online more and more!

It seems like a good time to plug our subscription box - Club Bon Air Naturals. Our $42, bi-monthly box includes shipping and a smattering of goodies that can be used to pamper yourself. Or break the box out into little gifts for friends! We also tuck in a coupon for you as well. 

We've already shipped this Month's...

A Strange Time...

To My Customers,

As we begin to feel the true nature of these times, it is my pleasure to step up and help our community. Whether it’s providing a little something special to turn your shower into a spa, or literally providing a basic necessity for your family, I am here. 

If you have ordered from our Clean Essentials line, please know that the recipes used have been heavily researched and vetted. The packing however was put together quickly and with what I already had on hand. Fully developing a line takes a lot...

Find Time For Yourself

Anyone else ever feel a little down this time of year?  It's cold as hell, kind of gray, and perhaps you even have a bit of a lingering Christmas bloat.  I feel ya...big time. You can even ask "My Fitness Pal"...the app that has become my new best friend. As we get fully into the swing of the new year, I have updated the website, and we are back in action. Let me know if you need anything to help get a little of that quintessential "Me" time that is so hard to find.   Read the article